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Homeopathic advantage

Anti-allergic Drug dependency No drug dependency
Immune modulators Toxicity No side-effects

*Treatment effects may vary from person to person
A strong and hopeful treatment is all it offers!

A research study that assessed 147 patients with respiratory allergies showed 87.6% treatment success rate with homeopathic medicine.
Another double-blind clinical trial done in the Phoenix metropolitan area during the regional allergy season from February to May evaluated the effects of homeopathic preparations and placebo in 40 patients with moderate to severe seasonal allergic rhinitis. A total of 40 patients included both men and women aged between 26-63 years. In this study, patients treated with homeopathic medicines showed significant improvement and positive changes from baseline to four weeks as compared with placebo. Therefore, this research finding clearly showed the potential benefits of homeopathic treatment for the reduction of allergic symptoms and for improvement of the quality of life among patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis.

Evidently, homeopathy offers significant relief from the agony of rhinitis (nasal allergy) in a large number of patients. Homeopathic medicines mainly target the body's immune system, which helps to reduce hypersensitivity to the allergens. In the long run, with homeopathic treatment, patients are known to react less aggressively to the allergens, which gradually helps to cure hypersensitivity.