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A study of 200 patients suffering from hypersensitivity illnesses, including asthma, eczema, urticaria, allergic rhinitis and other allergies showed that homeopathy was as effective as conventional treatment. Where most patients who were treated by medical doctors experienced an aggravation of their symptoms when stopping conventional drugs, only one-third of the patients in the homeopathy group experienced such an aggravation.

Only one patient on conventional treatment experienced improvement of symptoms after stopping a medication, compared to the improvement in two-third of the homeopathy patients.

Patients in the homeopathy group reported a larger improvement in their general state of health, with 57% improvement, compared to 24% in the conventional group.

Homeopathy patients also experienced the more positive change in their psychological state. About 53% of the patients in the homeopathy group showed improved quality of life, compared to 15% in the conventional group.

Why Dr Rai's??

At Dr Rai's?, thousands of patients have been treated so far for various forms of allergies ranging from allergic rhinitis, skin allergies such as urticaria, itching and food allergies. 

Dr Rai's? treatment has helped patients combat their illnesses and live a better quality of life over a period of time. Homeopathy not only offers significant relief in acute or recent onset allergies but also long-standing allergies, and thus help reducing dependency on conventional medicines, which further helps prevent associated complications.

Patients with allergic disorders are strongly recommended homeopathic treatment as early as possible.

At Dr Rai's?, we use natural medicines that help in reducing the intensity, frequency, and duration of attacks, increasing disease-free period. Besides environmental factors, allergies can be triggered off due to underlying stress.

At Dr Rai's?, we treat allergies holistically after identifying the physical and mental triggers of the allergies.

A customized treatment plan is designed for each patient based on the symptoms and specific allergens. The treatment, therefore, not only helps to reduce the tendency to allergy but also aims at building immunity for improved health and a better quality of life.