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The most common treatment of alopecia areata is local, steroid injections with/without oral steroids. However, studies conducted at Dr Rai's? have shown that the relapse rate of patchy hair loss after steroids ? not to speak of the side effects ? is as high as 50%, as compared to a rate of just 9.1% after homeopathic treatments. It is also imperative for triggers, such as thyroid disorders, to be controlled for tangible results to emerge.

Homeopathic medicines offer excellent relief for such disorders that are triggered by an abnormal immune response of the body. These medications are good for enhancing the immunity, thereby preventing the immune system from attacking the hair follicles.

Homeopathic medicines also promote re-growth of hair, and control the progress and spread of bald spots to other regions. Homeopathy is an excellent solution for hair problems related to the mind, such as stress-related patchy hair loss.

International studies show homeopathy's efficacy in treating alopecia areata

A study conducted in Scotland revealed that 90% patients with patchy hair loss opted for homeopathy as their first choice of treatment. Homeopathy actually helps to slow down the progression of bald patches and fills them up with new hair. Not only do homeopathic remedies reduce hair loss, they also protect the body from harmful effects, which are common with conventional drugs used for hair loss.