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When the stones are smaller in size, homeopathic medicines may help reduce their size. Not only do homeopathic medicines help in reducing the pain associated with gallstones but also reduce inflammation of the gallbladder. Homeopathy helps as a preventive medicine in stone formation. If the stones are bigger in size, multiple and obstructed, they may require surgical intervention.
Severe abdominal pain may need immediate treatment. The patient should always see a doctor if they begin to have severe, unexplained abdominal pain. Our doctors may recommend hospitalisation if the symptoms are severe, so that the patient can be monitored under the care of a surgeon.

Why Dr Rai?

Our doctors will diagnose the condition of the patient, whether it is gallbladder stones or cholecystitis. We have many senior homeopathic doctors at our clinics, who have provided relief to a large number of patients by naturally and safely removing their small-sized gallbladder stones. They also help in preventing the formation of new stones with necessary medication.

By controlling the pain and other indigestion symptoms such as gas, acidity, abdominal pains and nausea, which are some common symptoms of gallbladder stones, our doctors help patients deal with their day-to-day indigestion problems.