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According to the homeopathic system of medicine, migraine is a chronic disease occurring periodically. The patient may experience it as an acute problem, but because it is periodic and recurrent it needs continuous homeopathic treatment during the attack, and homeopathic medicines need to be taken even when there is no attack. All this is to reduce the frequency and intensity of subsequent attacks and eventually stop them.

In all types of acute and chronic illnesses, homeopathy applies the concept of individualisation, which means that even if two people are suffering from the same type of a migraine, a homeopathic doctor will study the whole case history of each of the patients ? their exact nature of symptoms, temperament, feelings, likes and dislikes ? and then suggest a remedy suitable for each of them to ascertain deep-rooted and permanent cures.

Why Dr Rai's??

We have a multi-focus approach wherein our expert doctors study the patient's stress levels, namely, emotional disturbance, financial stress, work, and family or relationship problems. We also study how a particular stress plays a role in triggering the patient's migraine attack. We have customized treatment plans which suit you and help you to take Dr Rai's? homeopathic treatment for your migraine for the period where it can be cured completely.

Dr Rai's? homeopathy helps regulate the patient's emotional sensitivity, minimizes the intensity, frequency and duration of the headaches and eventually reduce the tendency of headaches.

Dr Rai's? homeopathy corrects deep-seated anger and sadness which may be triggering migraine headaches. It also helps to improve the ability to cope with stress. It also improves general health and quality of life.