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According to a study conducted in Cuba, 84% children treated with homeopathy attained normal weight, whereas only 30% attained normal weight with placebo.

Studies and clinical trials have shown effective results of homeopathy treating children having food sensitivity and intolerance.

Various case studies estimated the benefits of homeopathy in correcting absorption disorders, thereby treating poor weight gain in children.

Supplements Overdose may interfere with food absorption No overdose and homeopathic tonics to enhance food absorption
Anti-helminthics (medicine for worms) Worm infestations might recur Homeopathic medicines help reduce and eliminate the tendency of having worms
Antibiotics for repeated infections Diarrhoea and loss of appetite may interfere with food absorption No side-effects; improves the immunity and decreases the tendency of infections
Counseling for behavioral problems It helps, but it is slow and tedious Calming medicines in homeopathy help calm the child emotionally without any side-effects

Why Dr Rai's??

Treating with homeopathy at Dr Rai's? becomes easy, safe, sure and without any side-effects. The sweet-tasting homeopathic pills make it easier for parents to take their children through the treatment process.

The protocols are guided by pediatricians, homeopathic doctors, dieticians and behavioral psychologists to monitor the child's progress.

In addition, the treatment is supplemented by specific homeopathic tonics to boost the child's appetite, improve digestion and enhance the absorption of nutrients.

The customized treatment plan is based upon the following:

  • finding out the underlying reasons that include illnesses, eating disorders, behavioral issues, etc.
  • nutritional requirement of the child guided by a dietician
  • behavioral patterns, namely, identifying stress and mood disorders in children

Over a period of time, the child will show the following improvements:

  • faster weight gain
  • better immunity
  • improved food tolerance
  • reduced frequency of illnesses
  • improved concentration
  • sharper memory
  • improved overall health