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Homeopathy provides exceptional treatment for tonsillitis. Homeopathic medicines safely and surely provide relief from the symptoms of tonsillitis. International studies show that children who take homeopathic treatment for tonsillitis are less prone to regular infections and use of antibiotics, and have better attendance at school.

Homeopathic medicines are individually selected based on the child's symptoms. They help with overcoming the pain and difficulty of acute tonsillitis attacks, and raise the child's immunity so that frequent tonsillitis attacks are avoided.

Why Dr Rai's??

At Dr Rai's?, we specialize in children's ailments, including tonsillitis. Our doctors are specially trained in handling children and their health complaints. After an easy examination, our doctors select a line of treatment for a long duration. The aim of treatment is to reduce the number of attacks and increase the child's immunity so that the child becomes less prone to picking up infections easily. Our treatments do not include any bitter pills, injections or tonsil surgeries. Hence, young children comply easily with our treatments and enjoy taking sweet homeopathic pills. Our doctors monitor the child's progress based on international treatment protocols and aim at providing permanent relief.