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Homeopathy is known to treat the root cause of the disease without any side-effects; it also takes care of the psychological damages caused by this condition.

Prolonged coughing and sneezing Anti-allergic medicines help to some extent and for a limited period of time Homeopathy is known to treat allergies from the root, thus preventing allergies and controlling urinary incontinence
Obesity Specific medicines with short-term relief Treats the underlying cause of obesity, thereby preventing obesity as well as urinary incontinence
Prostate enlargement Surgery A clinical trial conducted in the Department of Biophysics, Washington, suggests that homeopathic medicines inhibit prostate enlargement
Pelvic floor exercise Physiotherapy Physiotherapy, along with homeopathy, will speed up recovery

Why Dr Rai's??

At Dr Rai's?, our doctors employ an integrated approach based on causative factors, type and severity of urinary incontinence, and prescribe a customized treatment plan that includes the following:

  • prescribing specific homeopathic medicines to strengthen and improve bladder control
  • prescribing medicines to help patients control their anxiety
  • treating and correcting underlying diseases, such as bladder stones, infections, fibroids, urinary tract infection, etc.
  • treating associated recurring skin complications that may arise due to urinary incontinence
  • suggesting lifestyle changes
  • suggesting exercise strengthen pelvic muscles
  • counseling and providing emotional support to the patient

Thus, over a period of time, the patient will notice the following changes in their health:

  • reduced tendency to get infections
  • improved bladder control
  • reduced stress
  • reduced fear of public embarrassment
  • improved quality of life

Urinary Tract Infections-Treatment

Homeopathic treatments ensure safe, sure and easy solutions, without any side-effects for patients of all ages and types, including immune compromised, chronically ill patients.

In a study conducted in Switzerland on some patients with spinal injury, it was found that these patients were resistant to antibiotic treatment, and were a clinical challenge due to their immobility. When homeopathy was added as a supplementary treatment to conventional medicines for these hospitalized, bed-ridden patients, it was found to be effective in preventing the recurrence of UTIs.

Another study published in the Indian Journal of Homeopathy has shown the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines in preventing the formation of kidney stones.

To sum up, a series of case studies supported the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment when given for a sustained period of time as well as helped reduce the tendency of stone formation and normalize creatinine levels in patients with kidney damage.

Why Dr Rai's??

At Dr Rai's?, we have successfully treated patients with chronic UTIs.

  • The treatment is planned as per the diagnosis and chronicity of patient complaints.
  • Medicines are prescribed in low doses to suit the disease state.
  • Medicines are carefully selected to limit complications.
  • Besides treating the patient's infections, our doctors also consider causes, trigger and risk factors to treat the illness from its root.
  • Our doctors provide specific self-care and nutritional guidance in order to prevent recurrence of the disease.

With proper treatment, the patient will notice the following improvements over a period of time:

  • effective reduction in burning, pain, discomfort and incontinence
  • relief in spasms
  • reduced tendency in stone formation
  • improved urine outflow
  • elimination of drug dependency
  • general wellbeing and improved quality of life

Moreover, besides treating physical ailments, our doctors also counsel young women, especially newlyweds, who are hesitant or timid to speak openly about their genital hygiene.